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LoL Academy boasts the highest skilled roster of boosters
The most trusted elo boost service provider since 2011

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LoL Elo Boosting and Duo Boosting Services

LoL Academy is one of the most secure and trusted elo boosting service providers in League of Legends. Our skilled roster of LoL boosters include players who are in the Top 50 Challenger Ladder on their respective servers and ex-professional players. We can either play on your account, or you can play together with us by renting one of our professional boosters as your duo partner.
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We pride ourselves on delivering impeccable League of Legends services since 2011! We have boosted a total of 396 671 games, and coached League of Legends for 5 028 hours.

Boosting since 2011

Features of our boosting service

  • We can play on your account to get you to your desired rank
  • You can rent a skilled duo queue partner to play together with you
  • Make special requests for your booster’s role and champions
  • Track your order’s progress in our member’s area
  • Chat with your booster or duo booster using our live chat
  • Pause or resume your boost at any time
Our boosting service is the oldest and the most reliable of all. Our boosters can get you as high as Master.

We guarantee the security of your account. Our boosters will raise elo quickly, and in silence.

You will also be able to pause your order at any time

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Top tier boosters

Most of our boosters are veterans and have been playing lol since season one. They are professional, responsible, and well mannered players.

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Privacy First

Boosters will remain silent. Use League Friends’ mobile app, or purchase duo boosting if you don't want to share your credentials.

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Keep track of your boosts

Our user friendly interface will allow you to easily track your order’s progress and chat with our friendly staff and boosters at any time. You can view your match history, pause or resume your order, look at past orders, and leave messages or notes for us to see.

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Challenger or LCS players are giving lessons

While we accept anyone as a coach on LoL Academy, we also have some of the strongest players on the ladder.

If you are looking for high-level coaching (Diamond+), we highly recommend those coaches.

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THIS GUY AWESOME. I enjoy it's a lot.

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Rohán

I enjoyed having 2 hours with this coach. Gave me a lot of information in lane and decision makings. Also provided me information for me to look myself after the 2 hour session was over. Personally really thought it boosted my knowledge in League and I look forward to the climb in rank. I would definitely recommend this coach to other people.

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with ChallengerCoach

He is an awesome coach he helped a lot about the game and how to improve my skills. Tavi showed me how to move around with a better knowledge to get perfect at my position, and he gave me the information easier around the map by pointing and highlighting.

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Tavi

He knows what he's doing, if you actually do the stuff he tells you (yes even some reading) you will get better, i personally saw big results over a 2 week period. Give him a try.

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with ChallengerCoach

He was fun to play with, when i asked him a question he answered it in detail and if i was confused about it he made sure to explain it in a way that i understood. and it was worth being coached by him and ill more than likely buy more in the future!

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Alpha as FUQ

Very informative as far as what to expect when walking into your lane. He also pushes you towards looking at certain situations differently then most other "average" players would when coming into the game. Overall I would rank him as being a very good coach and would probably do a few more hours in the future.

Scored 94%

Review after 2 hours with ChallengerCoach

Great guy, very knowledgeable. It was very easy to learn and ask questions

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Alpha as FUQ

Very kind, great deal of knowledge. He really helped me pinpoint my misstakes and how to deal with them. I would strongly recommend him!

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Rohán

very thoughtful, made everything easy to understand and was happy to answer any and all questions. Gave me some a lot of tips and even went out of his way to give me extra tools to improve on my own I recommend this coach completely!

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Rohán

my friends have definitely noticed ive gotten a lot better after being coached by Art, 10/10

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with Art

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Jul 20
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An age-old problem in League of Legends is playing 4v5 games. These can be really frustrating and happen for a multitude of reasons. Your team mate having issues with his internet, not letting him rejoin the game, or someone leaving intentionally after losing his lane. As we all know, League of Legends is a very team-based game, and every single role matters! Kind of like gears in a well-oiled machine, your team...

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It's almost that time of the year in League where it's almost-almost the end of the season. A time where the End-ofSeason rewards seem pretty far away, but so is that dream division of yours. Well, fret not! We've already established one part of what you need to do now, but let us first explain why you really should be hitting that "Ranked Queue" button right as much as you can during this period.


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