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We provide multiple ways to increase your LOL ELO. You can either buy hours of coaching with one of our coaches to improve your skill. Or you can directly buy a boost, for the sake of having a higher rank.
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We currently have 28 active coaches, speaking 7 different languages who gave 52 hours of coaching last 30 days.

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While we accept anyone as a coach on LoL Academy, we also have some of the strongest players on the ladder.

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Very informative, helped me notice things I didn't even realize I was doing. Learned a lot in a short period of time!

Scored 94%

Review after 1 hour with StaTiiK

Great lesson. My only complaint is that I didn't have more time to pick his brain!

Scored 94%

Review after 1 hour with xPecake

Very good and detailed coaching, he explained me every single mistake and missplay and how I can train to avoid them. Will surely a lesson again in the future!

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with ºwewillfailerº

Great coach, perfect answers to everything I asked him. Ordered 5 hours and got two free (as per the offer). Did 3 straight away then took a break from league. After the break I came back and after some rearranging of schedules between ourselves I finished the session. I started at Silver 4 in the first session of 3 hours. Within 2 weeks I had climbed to Silver 1 using the mechanics he had mentioned. I am currently silver 1 still and hope to climb again after this final session. Overall a very well rounded coach with true passion for the game and helping others.

Scored 100%

Review after 5 hours with Morrigan ADC

Goomba was a pleasure to work with and a very good teacher

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with goombastompin

Buen coach recomendado ;)

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with devilenrique

ce coach m'as aider a progresser bonne ambiance bonne humeur et investi dans son travail

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with CoachinO Crackz

My second time being coached by xpecake. I learned more in 2 hours playing with him than I have just playing the game for months. Always a good time.

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with xPecake

StaTiiK is knowledgable. Answered my questions. I went from sucking mid lane to taking first bloods.

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with StaTiiK

Muy amable, tiene alto conocimiento y sabe lo que hace. Ha pulido bien su estilo de juego y es digno de seguir.

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Fresita

Season 5 Begins

Jan 21

It's the start of the season and like the end of every rank season, the start is as much crazy. Infact I lied. It's far more crazy. Why is that? Because of the soft reset.

RIOT Games employees said the current reset is a soft reset which essentially puts people closer together in the rankings. If you were higher up than the average person, your soft reset rating will more than likely be lower whilst if you didn't do so great in Season 4, you'll have ano...

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Season 4 is ending

Nov 06

The 2014 season ends on November 11, 2014 at 12:01 AM PST. (source)

How are we dealing with the end of season ?

Whenever the end of season was announced, we noticed out workload starting to increase and therefore had to get more ELO Boosters to handle the amount of orders which was coming in. Our NA orders are usually our strongest point but in this case, it was a lot higher than we were used to. Around two weeks we got to breaking point but we were able to handle the lo...

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