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LoL Academy boasts the highest skilled roster of boosters
The most trusted elo boost service provider since 2011

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LoL Elo Boosting and Duo Boosting Services

LoL Academy is one of the most secure and trusted elo boosting service providers in League of Legends. Our skilled roster of LoL boosters include players who are in the Top 50 Challenger Ladder on their respective servers and ex-professional players. We can either play on your account, or you can play together with us by renting one of our professional boosters as your duo partner.
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We pride ourselves on delivering impeccable League of Legends services since 2011! We have boosted a total of 407 611 games, and coached League of Legends for 5 118 hours.

Boosting since 2011

Features of our boosting service

  • We can play on your account to get you to your desired rank
  • You can rent a skilled duo queue partner to play together with you
  • Make special requests for your booster’s role and champions
  • Track your order’s progress in our member’s area
  • Chat with your booster or duo booster using our live chat
  • Pause or resume your boost at any time
Our boosting service is the oldest and the most reliable of all. Our boosters can get you as high as Master.

We guarantee the security of your account. Our boosters will raise elo quickly, and in silence.

You will also be able to pause your order at any time

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Top tier boosters

Most of our boosters are veterans and have been playing lol since season one. They are professional, responsible, and well mannered players.

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Privacy First

Boosters will remain silent. Use League Friends’ mobile app, or purchase duo boosting if you don't want to share your credentials.

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Keep track of your boosts

Our user friendly interface will allow you to easily track your order’s progress and chat with our friendly staff and boosters at any time. You can view your match history, pause or resume your order, look at past orders, and leave messages or notes for us to see.

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Challenger or LCS players are giving lessons

While we accept anyone as a coach on LoL Academy, we also have some of the strongest players on the ladder.

If you are looking for high-level coaching (Diamond+), we highly recommend those coaches.

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A really nice guy helped me a lot

Scored 100%

Review after 3 hours with Tavi

Was really good! One of the only coaches to actually get back to me... At all, and I had tried talking to two other coaches. In game knowledge is really good, and hes very helpful. Would come back again!

Scored 94%

Review after 1 hour with ChallengerCoach

He is very knowledgeable and patient. Helped point out mistakes that I didn't even know I was making and correct them.

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with ChallengerCoach

Very clear and well spoken took the time to go over my replays well and didn't make it feel rushed.

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with ChallengerCoach

It was all the money worth I spend If I would take coaching again I will definitly take wewillfailer. I asked him the shit out and he could answer me every question I asked him. It was great how good he could teach me the whole game in 2 lessons then me by my self in 2 years!!!!!

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with ºwewillfailerº

Another lesson another generous amount of material that helps progress me as a player. Well worth the time and will do again

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with ChallengerCoach

Very nice guy! Showed me a whole new world that I've never seen before. I feel like princess Jasmine when Aladdin took her on a magic carpet ride!

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with Rohán

Great coach. I though I knew what I was doing when I was playing league, but he really pointed out my weakness and mistakes and told me what to improve on. From runes to masteries to items and in game tactics. I was surprised how much I have learned just in that hour. Definitely gonna book some more lessons.

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with ºwewillfailerº

A very insightful coach. I learned more during my 2 hour session with him than I learned in a few years of playing the game. I highly recommend him for any player of any elo!

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with ChallengerCoach

Very good coach, extremely helpful. answered all questions and was positive throughout the session. very good with scheduling as well

Scored 94%

Review after 3 hours with Rohán

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Once again, it's time for us to take a dose of healthy reality check and see what's been going on. Specifically in the hustling world of League. It's been a fun, colorful, surprising and somewhat disappointing month. Let's break down a couple of things that happened.

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