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We are the biggest community of coaches for League of Legends

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Elo Boosting

League of Legends

We do boosting since Season 1

We are fast, secured and 100% anonymous

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Coaching or ELO Boosting

We provide multiple ways to increase your LOL ELO. You can either buy hours of coaching with one of our coaches to improve your skill. Or you can directly buy a boost, for the sake of having a higher rank.
It's up to you.

Coaching Elo Boosting

Safe and Fast ELO Boost

Boosting since 2011

Our boosting service is the oldest and the most reliable of all. Our boosters can get you as high as Diamond I.

We guarantee the security of your account. Our boosters will raise elo quickly, and in silence.

You will also be able to pause your order at any time

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#1 Coaching Website

We currently have 26 active coaches, speaking 7 different languages who gave 28 hours of coaching last 30 days.

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Find Your Coach

Just filter based on your preference (language, price, roles) to find a coach that fits your needs.

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Challenger or LCS players are giving lessons

While we accept anyone as a coach on LoL Academy, we also have some of the strongest players on the ladder.

If you are looking for high-level coaching (Diamond+), we highly recommend those coaches.

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Excellent lesson. He has a lot of knowledge about the game and is good at conveying it. Patient and observant. I feel I got good value for my money.

Scored 100%

Review after 3 hours with Rohán

Excellent coach and a great personality. Taught me lots within a short time. Excellent knowledge. Always recommended

Scored 100%

Review after 3 hours with Rohán

Very good coach. Taught me lots :)

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with demoz

The challenger coach did well in pointing out my mistakes with constructive criticism and identifying my key flaws. It was really helpful and I don't think I could improve as efficiently without his critique.

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with ChallengerCoach

good lesson, helped alot

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Rohán

Very good coach. Can only recommend him. Got next lvl Riven mehcanics.

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Rohán

Gave a very detailed lesson, was available to answer any and all questions, took notes for me with timestamps each time something was done wrong and then gave me a list of things to work on, and explained how to do the things I needed to do.

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with ChallengerCoach

Very friendly and good coach. Easily explains anything you ask in great detail and tells you what to or what not to do in the future to further improve your gameplay. He has much free time so you shouldn't wait long to get in touch with him :)

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Kennyy

Was nice enough to list things i needed to work on in the skype chat for my convenience. Also very nice and offered constructive criticism with ways to improve instead of being bashful and just telling me what i did wrong. Also very professional like in his way of talking and going about things.

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with ChallengerCoach

Very good, always had a detailed answer to every question I had. Also we went in a custom games and he showed me some useful mechanics.

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with ChallengerCoach

New Placement Package Promotion

Jan 16
Why we introduced a new promotion

We wanted to thank all our loyal customers for staying with us over the years. We wouldn't be where we are today without you. Which is another reason why you are getting an additional 15%-off discount code if you are registered to our mailing list (basically if you have ever bought from us, you will be getting this discount code). We also never ran a promotion before, so this is our first time, and we wanted to see how well received it i...

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페이팔결제기능을 통해서 체크카드 및 신용카드로 결제하는방법

Jan 13

롤아카데미내에서 페이팔로 결제하는 방법 (Visa, Mastercard 체크 및 신용 카드로 결제하는방법)

아직도 힘들게 계좌이체로 보안카드, 액티브엑스 설치해가며 대리결제하시나요? 아직도 힘들게 추운날에 편의점가서 계좌이체를 하시나요?

더이상 그럴필요는 없는 시대입니다, 페이팔 카드결제시스템으로 Visa 및 Mastercard로고가 ...

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