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We provide multiple ways to increase your LOL ELO. You can either buy hours of coaching with one of our coaches to improve your skill. Or you can directly buy a boost, for the sake of having a higher rank.
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We currently have 37 active coaches, speaking 8 different languages who gave 66 hours of coaching last 30 days.

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While we accept anyone as a coach on LoL Academy, we also have some of the strongest players on the ladder.

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Shushei is the most skilled mid i have played with, he was like neo in the matrix , i couldn't hit him he also taught me many things on how to harras , where to ward. I highly reccomend you buy lessons off him , will be buying more in the future.

Scored 100%

Review after 3 hours with Shushei

He explained things really well. We started with him explaining to me the jungle role and how you can be efficient, what to do when you gank, when to gank, objective control etc. After that we went through a game that he had played (since I didnt have a game replayed) and he told me his mindset. The second hour he spectated me playing, told me my mistakes, what I should do and like really helping me test what I had just learnt from him. I learnt a lot that I can bring with me further and I would definitively recommend him to everyone.

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with Skillbie

Really knows what he's talking about. During our session o've learned about so many of the different aspects of the game that I never payed attention too until now.

Scored 100%

Review after 3 hours with Bırd

Truly a great coach. Throughout the lesson he was informative and just a good person to talk to. I learned a lot in our lesson and after 1 i feel that i have improved. I would recommend him to anyone of any level of play, and I, Myself, will definitely be returning to him for more.

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with goombastompin

He was very helpful, quickly corrected my mistakes and pointed out exactly how I should adapt. I HIGHLY recommend shushei to any of you searching for a tutor :)

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Shushei

As a diamond player I saw huge difference between me and Shushei, his skill/knowledge is amazing. He can clearly say what you are doing wrong, what are weaknesses of your champion and where you should play more aggresive. 1 hour of coaching with Shushei gives you more than 100 games of soloQ.

Scored 100%

Review after 1 hour with Shushei

Su conocimiento del juego es muy amplio, fue una sesiĆ³n bastante productiva, muy recomendado si quieres mejorar tu juego, tanto en lane, Team-fights... Quisieras que nunca acabara.

Scored 100%

Review after 2 hours with Fresita

He's pretty much a very detailed coach, and he will really help you improve your game as a whole. Very recommended.

Scored 100%

Review after 3 hours with goombastompin

A really good coach that considers your skills and tell you/show you what you need to do to get better. Not afraid to repeat things if need be, and made the coaching lessons really fun! Really enjoyed being coached by him, and felt that I was improving as we played, will def buy more hours from him in the future.

Scored 94%

Review after 2 hours with MrSmickles

I have had several coaches in the past but this was the best by far. Dax went through my laning phases with extreme detail and recommended changes to my positioning, warding, summoners, items and the timing of purchases. He also helped fix my roaming so that I would know when and when not to leave lane. Before we started, I was only Gold 2 but now, after many games, I've reached Diamond 5. It was very much thanks to the great input I have received, to help fix my mistakes and improve in the right direction.

Scored 100%

Review after 3 hours with xXxdax420xXx

Reasons why you can trust LOL Academy

Jul 18

Ever since the creation of the website, the question "how do I know I can trust you guys?" is regularly asked to our staff. Recently still a lot of people seem to be asking this question again, especially people who find out about us thanks to our awesome ingame bot (if you still haven't met him, he will find you soon). We understand this marketing technique can be considered intrusive, and can give a negative view of LOL Academy. Let me explain to you why you can trust us....

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Get your replay software sorted

Jul 15

There is so many times where people ask me as a manager this question and this is literally people from bronze to diamond and whilst people already sometimes know the answer, some people don't so if you really are looking to get better, take this with complete seriousness.

Get a replay system sorted. RIOT isn't going to be bringing out there one for a while so find one which works.

For everyone of us in LoL Academy, we've had to do it i...

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